"A good composer does not imitate; He steals" - Igor Stravinsky



Jon Macneil is a full time composer who plays the guitar and piano. Jon has just finished his year as resident composer at Edge Hill University and is now currently a working composer for music production company; True Leap. 

Born and raised in West Lancashire, Jon grew up around the guitar with influences such as Classic Rock, Blues and Blues Grass. After graduating from College in 2008, he pursued his love for music and enrolled at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California. There he was educated with a variety of styles by the top guitarists in Los Angeles, Hollywood.

During his time at MI, Jon experienced first hand experience in recording studios made famous by Mr BIG. Having mastered this craft, Jon is now in the position to write and produce custom scores in top of the range recording facilities, with quick turnaround times.

After graduating in 2010, Jon returned to the United Kingdom and toured with various bands before enrolling into Edge Hill University for a degree in music in 2012. 

During this period, Jon wrote jingles for fellow students, composed music for boxing promotional videos and won a competition for his score in a Mitsubishi UFJ banking funds advertisement. Jon was later interviewed by Matt Lawson on 'The Soundtrack' to talk about life as a composer.  


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by Jon Macneil